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    • RELEASE DATE: June 2014


      2013, United States, 78 min.



      Kyle Wigent

      Tanner Rittenhouse

      Adam Fane

      Jake Andrews



      Chris Michael Birkmeier



      Chris Michael Birkmeier


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  • Reminiscent of indie hit “Weekend”IN BLOOM is the most realistic depiction of a gay relationship to come out of the US in some time. Add the foreboding threat of a killer on the loose, and this incredibly rich and rewarding film becomes unmissable. Kurt and Paul seem very solid and in love, living large in their home city of Chicago, thanks in part to Kurt’s successful pot-dealing business. Everything is going their way. But when a sexy young customer makes a play for Kurt, it sets of a chain of events that not only puts their perfect relationship at risk, but possibly even their lives.