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    • RELEASE DATE:  December 2013


      2012, Italy, 97 min.  



      Josafat Vagni

      Monica Guerritore

      Francesco Montanari

      Antonino Bruschetta

      Valeria Bilello

      Jose Dammert



      Guglielmo Marchetti



      Roberto Proia



      Ivan Silvestrini





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  • Charming and funny, Tell No One bubbles over with irresistible romantic playfulness. Italian- born Matthia is about to move to Madrid to be with his gorgeous boyfriend, Eduard. By all accounts, their relationship couldn’t be more perfect – so it’s in a no-brainer for Eduard to surprise Matthia by flying over to Italy before the move to meet his man’s family. There is only one problem- despite assurances otherwise, Matthia has NOT come out to his loved ones! Now, Matthia has to juggle expectations on both sides whilst also trying to keep his perfect, sexy boyfriend from leaving him all together.

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