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    • RELEASE DATE:  November 2013


      2013, United States, 90 min.  



      Jack Brockett

      Sean Paul Lockhart

      Laura Reilly

      Addison Graham



      Steven Vasquez

      Ward Bodner



      Sean Paul Lockhart


      DVD EXTRAS include

      • Outakes

      • A Message from Director SPL

      • Behind the Scenes

      • Music Video



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  • The directorial debut of provocative actor Sean Paul Lockhart!

    With a tour in Afghanistan behind him, war-torn Chris Jensen (introducing Jack Brockett) struggles to assimilate back to life in California. Drifting and living out of his car, he soon discovers that few are willing to deal with the remnants of a damaged career military man. Chris is self medicating; desperate to silence the echos from the front lines. When an opportunity finally presents itself, he makes the hard decision to employ his most coveted talents honed in special ops.  A job is a job and Chris knows civilian life can be just as cut-throat as time on active duty. But just how close does he have to get to Andrew Warner (Sean Paul Lockhart) to secure the kill?